FINIX supports Italian families, companies and institutions for smart working and during social distancing

A partnership with BEYOND THE BOX has been closed to offer everyone100 hours of free online training during the health emergency

Milan, 22 April 2020 – FINIX Technology Solutions – the Italian Innovation hub in the digital transformation sector – has signed a partnership with the /BeyondTheBox platform to offer specialized training during the current health emergency.

With this initiative, FINIX will make available for free – until the end of May 2020 – over 100 online consultancy sessions, within which a team of 20 high-level professionals – with strong technological skills – will offer concrete support to face the difficulties of daily life during social distancing to small and medium-sized enterprises that are working to adapt their operations to the challenges of remote-working, and to families, schools, general practitioners as well.

Thanks to the deep experience in the tech field of the FINIX group, the focus of the sessions can range from extremely vertical and business-oriented issues, such as smart-working, business continuity, data center, data management, hyper-convergence, cybersecurity, IT integration and business client, to more horizontal support, especially towards web conferencing/remote desktop software and in general of all the online collaboration tools that are used daily for communication or remote study.

The support will be offered through video calls lasting 20 or 40 minutes, totally free, hosted by the innovative platform of BEYOND THE BOX, the startup that first brings a virtual meeting point in Italy between those looking for skills and the experts who make available.

/BeyondTheBox, through the proprietary algorithm of artificial intelligence, is able to effectively combine training requests with the most suitable skills, in a simple, fast and inclusive way, relieving the user from the burden of having to search and select content it needs.

“The health emergency we are experiencing is impacting substantially on all areas of our lives and has already changed our working habits radically”, commented Danilo Rivalta, CEO of FINIX Technology Solutions. “In this scenario, we decided to act with particular rapidity and we put ourselves at the service of both Italian families and companies – through the partnership with BEYOND THE BOX – to offer them our skills in the tech field and guide them during a difficult phase of our country. We have great confidence in the Italian business fabric, which has always managed to brilliantly interpret the challenges posed by delicate contexts. We are sure that together we will do it again. ”

“We are extremely proud to start this collaboration with FINIX which will allow, in this moment of difficulty, to provide concrete and widespread support to all those who are experiencing uncomfortable restrictions due to the containment of COVID-19”, adds Aleksandra Maravic, CEO by BEYOND THE BOX. “We are sure that this initiative will bring benefits both to those with more practical needs such as installing a teleconference or remote learning program, and to companies engaged in the management of more complex problems such as those related to smart working.”

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