Moving protection to defend against evolving threats

It is estimated that there is a cyber attack every 39 seconds and in March 2020 ransomware attacks alone have increased by 148% compared to the previous month, so it is clear that protecting the security of a company infrastructure, processes and access to data is vital.
This is where Morphisec comes into play addressing cybersecurity issues with an innovative approach and protects the entire organization from advanced threats such as fileless and zero days attacks, in-memory exploits and advanced ransomware.

Active Threat Prevention

The main target of advanced attacks is the application memory because it is a static target that can be studied at will to determine the best strategy for an attack. Morphisec, using patented “Moving Target Defense technology”, shifts the balance by transforming the application’s memory from a known entity to unknown territory, so it can block threats before they cause damage and gather useful information for security teams.


Blocking advanced threats and zero-days
It prevents zero-day and advanced attacks, without any prior knowledge of the shape, type or behaviour of the threat.
Deploying virtual patches
It protects your infrastructure from vulnerability exploits when patches are not yet available or deployed.
Protecting all IT infrastructure
Only one technology to protect servers, endpoints, virtual desktops, and cloud workloads from cyberattacks.
Quick deployment
Quick and easy deployment without system conflicts and maintenance: no databases, signatures, or rules to configure and update, no logs, and alerts to analyze.
Zero impact on the system
Stateless and lightweight agent with minimal footprint, no run-time components and no impact on performance.

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    Security cost savings

    Morphisec does not require updates, does not generate false alerts, and provides the same level of protection online and offline. By blocking attacks before they can cause damage, Morphisec dramatically reduces the cost of recovery and forensic analysis.

    Complete protection

    Morphisec threat prevention platform protects endpoints, Windows and Linux servers, cloud workloads, and virtual desktop infrastructure platforms such as VMware Horizon View and Citrix.

    Integration with Windows 10

    Morphisec strengthens and enhances the security capabilities of Microsoft Windows 10, enabling organizations to take full advantage of its potential.